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Replace your Immigration Document Service Cost
Regular Service: $206.90 (processing times: 5-8 months)
Urgent Service: $342.50 (processing times: 4-8 weeks)

Amend your Immigration Document Service Cost 
Regular Service: $314.25 (processing times: 5-8 months)
Urgent Service: $512.00 (processing times: 4-8 weeks)

What we provide for you

We’ll show you how to replace your IMM1000 or COPR, step by step. What does that mean?

  • First things first. We make sure you have the required supporting documents.
  • Using your information, we fill out your application form, ensuring completeness and accuracy.
  • Have you even thought of a cover letter? We have and they definitely help.
  • If we see you require urgent processing, we’ll ensure your application requests it.
  • We’ll respresent you in front of the Canadian government at every step of the process.
  • While most people are eligible, if you do have a criminal conviction your eligibility might be at risk and we always screen for this.
  • And of course we track the process of your application.

How to deal with Urgent Processing

When you suddenly realize you need your landing document immediately, don’t panic because you could very well be eligible for urgent processing. However, you need to understand that Canadian immigration authorities have very tough requirements for urgent processing of your IMM1000. For example, if you are suddenly told that Service Canada needs a copy of your Record of Landing in order to approve your OAS payments and you’re about to turn 65, that often qualifies as a reason for urgent processing. As well, having your employer tell you that your job in Canada requires you to present a copy of your IMM 1000 in order to get your Social Insurance Number (SIN) can also often qualify you for urgent processing. But you need to be reasonably certain that your situation calls for urgent processing before you go ahead and request it.

So, if you’re wondering whether your case is eligible, get in touch with us to see whether you qualify for urgent processing.

Why do you need to Amend a Record of Landing?

Remember that your Record of Landing is a historical record of your personal information on the day you landed in Canada. So, if you realize that your landing document contains mistakes, then you need to apply to IRCC in order to correct the information. This process is called Amending your Record of Landing.

It normally involves making sure things like your full name, date of birth, or place of birth, or perhaps your gender are accurately recorded. Remember, if you don’t amend your Record of Landing when you spot a mistake, then you’re going to face problems in the future when you apply for OAS or sometimes even for things like your citizenship application. This is because your personal information on your other documents won’t line up with what’s on your Record of Landing.

If you find any errors on your Record of Landing then please get in touch with us.

To replace a Record of Landing:

You’ll need 1 Photo ID issued by the federal government or a provincial/territorial government. If don’t have that you’ll need a photo ID issued by a foreign government. By the way, your passport works fine as do things like a driver’s license or a photo health card. You’ll also need a 2nd piece of ID which doesn’t have to have your photo but does have to be  government-issued (federal, provincial/territorial, or foreign) just like with the photo ID. Birth or marriage certificates work best here.

Did you know you can also Replace the following immigration documents?

  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit
  • Visitor Record

The process is similar to replacing a Record of Landing but some of the specifics – like required documentation – can vary. Losing your study or work permit, or losing a visitor record, can be a worrisome bother, so get in touch with us as soon as you realize you need to replace any of these documents.

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