Replace Confirmation of Permanent Residence

To replace your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 or IMM 5688) you need to complete and submit a IMM 5009 Application for Verification of Status (VOS) form and submit the required accompanying documentation.

Completing the COPR Replacment Application

For a field by field review of the IMM 5009 application, please click here.

See a sample completed application COPR replacement application.

Required Documentation to Replace Your COPR

In order to replace your IMM 5292 or IMM 5688 COPR, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Copy of the Passport you held at the time of you landed in Canada (including both copies of the biographical page and the visa page with the entry stamp on it) – you can use your current, valid passport if you are no longer in possession of the passport you landed on, but doing so could slow down your application
  • One piece of photo identification issued by a government body in Canada
  • Copy of Canadian Citizenship Certificate or Card (if you have naturalized since you landed)
  • Copies of your birth certificate (or baptismal certificate if you don’t have a birth certificate), marriage certificate (if you’ve changed your name), identity card of your home country and/or your province of residence (if you have one), driver’s license and any other government-issued IDs you possess which proves your identity (or shows your correct information, if you are amending your landing paper)
  • Notarized translations of all of the above documents that are in a language other than English or French.

COPR Replacement Fees

In order to replace your landing paper/Record of Landing/COPR, you must pay the application fee. You can pay the fee online, with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. There is no longer an option to pay at your local Canadian financial institution.

Applying to Replace Your COPR

Upon payment of the application fees, it is time to submit the application to

Verification of Status (VOS) or Replacement of an Immigration Document
Operations Support Centre (OSC)
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1

A Verification of Status (VOS) Application takes on average six months unless you are eligible for urgent processing. Urgent processing may be granted in two instances:

  • You require your Record of Landing or Confirmation of Permanent Residence to get your Old Age Security (OAS) from Service Canada and you have received a notice indicating as much
  • You require your document or Verification of Status (VOS) to apply for a PRC Card to travel because of death or serious illness.

You will have to prove your need for urgent processing and will need to write “Urgent” on your envelope.

Step by Step Guide to Completing the IMM 5009

Apply to Replace Your IMM 1000

Prove Your Status in Canada.

We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and file it with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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