What is a Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

A Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM 5292 OR IMM 5688), which is often abbreviated COPR, is a document that new Permanent Residents receive from Immigration Refuges and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) either before they travel to Canada or when they land in Canada. The document is proof of both your status in Canada at the time of landing and the date you landed in Canada. COPRs have been issued to new Permanent Residents since July 2002, when the IMM 1000 Record of Landing was discontinued.

What information is contained in my Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

The COPR you were issued when you came to Canada contains information that identifies it as a unique document, information related to your IRCC application, information about you and so forth.

The information below information is included on the IMM 5292 (the IMM 5688 may be slightly different):

The top of the document contains your Client ID (UCI) – unique to you – and the document number unique to your COPR.

Below the title of Confirmation of Permanent Residence, the document lists the following personal information:

  • First Row:
    • your surname
    • your given name
    • your “name flag” (the term IRCC uses for an alias you use that isn’t a legal name)
  • Second Row:
    • your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
    • your place of birth
    • your country of birth
  • Third Row:
    • your gender at the time of landing
    • your marital status at the time of landing
    • your citizenship at the time of landing (if you have more than one, the citizenship of the passport you were using to land in Canada)
  • Fourth Row:
    • your passport number at the time of landing
    • the validity of that passport
    • the country of issue of the travel document (often left blank)
  • Fifth Row:
    • your family status at the time of landing (an IRCC numeric code)
    • your height
    • your eye colour.
  • Line 14 is the large blank space right below all that information which contains your accompanying family members, if applicable. Below the list of family members, there is a line indicating whether or not you have any other dependants not with you.
  • Line 15 contains the address where you first lived or stayed in Canada and, if applicable, the name of the person whose house it was.
  • Lines 16, 17 and 18 are for IRCC reference.

Below this area is a date and signature attesting the truthfulness of the above information. The date is the date you landed.

The lines below this are for IRCC use, and include numerical codes and dates related to your Permanent Residence application.

Below that is information about your arrival:

  • Line 39 is for any remarks the CBSA officer made
  • Line 41 is your flight number (if applicable)
  • Line 42 indicates the amount of money in your possession
  • Line 43 indicates whether or not your PR status has any conditions imposed on it
  • Line 45 is the date you became a PR
  • Line 46 is the place you landed
  • 47 is the signature of the immigration officer

Your COPR should be stamped NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL as it is not usable as a travel document.

Why is the Confirmation of Permanent Residence Issued?

The COPR is issued so that you have proof of your permanent residence status and your date of landing. It records your entry into Canada as a permanent resident.

If you are outside of Canada, you will often by issued the COPR before you travel to Canada, and it will be checked and completed by the officer at your port of entry.

If you are already in Canada, the COPR may be sent to you, so you can “land.”

If neither option applies to you, you will receive it at the port of entry.

Why Do I Need My Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

It’s important to keep your COPR in a safe place. You’ll need it to apply for Canadian Citizenship, if you’re interested in becoming a citizen. However, if you do not have a PR Card, or do not renew it, you will also need your COPR to prove your permanent residence status in Canada. Also, to collect your Old Age Security, you will need your COPR to prove your date of landing in Canada. Learn more.

Can I Replace My Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

You can no longer replace your COPR, but you can get a Verification of Status which will serve the same function. Learn more.

Click here to see an example of a completed VOS application.

Step by Step Guide to Completing the IMM 5009 Application

Apply to Replace Your COPR

Prove Your Status in Canada.

We’ll review your application for accuracy and completeness and file it with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

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